Recordkeeping for the R&D Tax Credit

Create and Archive your Substantiation in the Cloud for Free

R&D Credit Success is 90% preparation and 10% perspiration.

Substantiator is a free, cloud based, self-service tool that helps create, maintain and store R&D substantiation. It doesn’t offer any opinion about qualification of activities for the credit; we leave that to your CPA, attorney, or consultant.  It is an online recordkeeping service that makes it easy for technological employees to support your Director of Tax’s financial goals for the company.

In 2004 the IRS did a study that tried to determine what type of substantiation would reduce compliance burdens.  Although the program was never formally adopted, Notice 2004-11 describes  the process and describes the type of substantiation that was recommended for the Research Credit.

Notice 2004-11, Recordkeeping Agreement Pilot Program Involving Credit for Increasing Research Activities

Highly integrated with Google Chrome

The Research and Experimentation tax credit  is offered by both US states and the federal government to promote technological activities performed in the US.  The Substantiator is a formalized way to gather the documentation that you must have prior to filing for the credit. It not only tracks activities performed. It also administers the process of gathering surveys which can be used as substantiation.

It was designed to minimize the amount of time and effort required of your employees to fill out this important documentation. The Extension allows your employees to fill out our forms specifically addressing the requirements for R&D documentation, when they have the time to do so.  

It archives your employee’s time tracking data and survey data in a “5 nines” data store in the cloud. The stored data can be downloaded by your tax manager or administrator on demand into an Excel spreadsheet. 

Assign Substantiation Tasks

Schedule employees to fill out surveys for everyone in their group, with the same title, in the same department, etc. Set the minimum and maximum number of surveys collected. Survey for past years.

Record activities contemporaneously

Employees can record their activities weekly or use built in shortcuts to enter their information very quickly.

Get Organized

Organizational chart feature graphically displays org chart. Org chart information is used to determine who will record Surveys.

Substantiate the past

Historical surveys support project based accounting and generate first party substantiation.

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