Recordkeeping for the R and D Tax Credit

Easily Create and Archive your Substantiation 

Substantiator is a free, cloud based, self-service tool that helps create, maintain and store R&D substantiation. It doesn’t offer any opinion about qualification of activities for the credit; we leave that to your CPA, attorney, or consultant.  It is an online recordkeeping service that makes it easy for technological employees to support your Director of Tax’s financial goals for the company.

Highly integrated with Google Chrome

Assign Substantiation Tasks

Schedule employees to fill out surveys for everyone in their group, with the same title, in the same department, etc. Set the minimum and maximum number of surveys collected. Survey for past years.

Record activities contemporaneously

Employees can record their activities weekly or use built in shortcuts to enter their information very quickly.

Get Organized

Organizational chart feature graphically displays org chart. Org chart information is used to determine who will record Surveys.

Substantiate the past

Historical surveys support project based accounting and generate first party substantiation.